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The Past, The Present and The In Between – Republic of Mozambique Pavilion

Gonçalo Mabunda, The Architect of the Circle, 2019, Metal scraps and decommissioned ammunitions, 64 x 44 x 160 cm

The National Pavilion of Mozambique at the 58th Venice Art Biennale curated by Lidija Kostic Khachatourian, aims to illustrate through a contemporary attitude the difficult past of the nation of Mozambique and its tragic consequences, still evident in today's society. Gonçalo Mabunda, Mauro Pinto and Filipe Branquinho - the three most representative contemporary artists of the country, all of whom grew up in the post-colonial period, during one of the bloodiest civil wars of the last century (1977 - 1992) - interpret the theme of the exhibition through different artistic practices, with different styles and results, investigating everyone on the socio-economic condition of their country, analyzing the past and questioning the present, reflecting on violence, corruption and social injustice, in the hope of a better future.

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