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Vasily Klyukin. In Dante Veritas

Vasily Klyukin, Sovrapopolazione (Overpopulation), Serie I Cavalieri dell'Apocalisse, 2018 | Courtesy of Vasily Klyukin

The Knights of a contemporary Apocalypse bear the name of Disinformation, Overpopulation, Uncontrolled Exploitation of Resources, and Environmental Pollution and evoke Dante's Inferno by interpreting the evils of today. Part of a corpus of 32 large steel sculptures, in turn inserted in an artistic unicum formed by over 100 multimedia elements, including sculptures, sound, video mapping works, digital reproductions and lightboxes, the four Knights of Vasily Klyukin - Russian sculptor, designer, architect and writer, as well as a philanthropist - they tell, inspired by the immortal charm of the Divine Comedy, as a frightening warning, the hell in which man risks transforming his life and the planet in which he lives, if he does not repent in time.

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