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The Italian political drawing

Caterina Morigi, Representation of the Cosmos inside a Tabernacle, 2018, Mixed technique on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm | Courtesy of A plus A Gallery, Venice

A look at a political cut on the history and tradition of design, through the works of contemporary artists who observe today's Italy, a country that has always expressed through art - real political-social seismograph - the changes of time historical, both in its evident manifestations and in the premonitory aspects of future realities. The exhibition unfolds on a red thread that ideally combines today's authors with those of the past, from eighteenth-century William Hogarth in England to the nineteenth-century Honoré Daumierè in France, from Goya to Georg Grosz and Otto Dix, through the use of drawing as a form of denunciation and analysis of society, a powerful artistic instrument capable of expressing the malaise and decadence, as well as the different possibilities that every change brings with it.

  1. Keywords: venice,, a plus a gallery, exhibitions 2019, the italian political drawing