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Ian Cheng. Emissary Forks At Perfection

Ian Cheng. Emissary Forks At Perfection, Espace Louis Vuitton Venice, 2018-2019 | © Ian Cheng

The Espace Louis Vuitton Venice hosts the second chapter of the trilogy Emissaries created by the American artist between 2015 and 2017, three episodes in all, set in the same place, but in different periods, describe the evolution of strange groups of organisms and their ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment by inducing us to question the ability to adapt the mind and human evolution in the face of the diversity, randomness and unpredictability of a world in constant change. The exhibition, the third round of the Beyond the Walls program, promoted by the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris between Monaco, Venice, Beijing and Tokyo, is a unique artistic body that includes self-generating digital simulations in the form of large and engaging audiovisual projections. they are the protagonists of mysterious multiform beings, animals, plants or minerals, programmed with a series of characteristics, behaviors and predetermined intentions, and left free to move unpredictably in the complex universe created by Ian Cheng.

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