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Feast of the Redentore

Feast of the Redentore, Venice, 2018 | Photo: ©

The Church of the Santissimo Redentore is among the most important and venerated in Venice, as well as home to one of the most deeply shared folk festivals by the inhabitants of the city, who every year celebrate the end of the appalling plague that struck the Lagoon between 1575 and 1577, following which the Senate of the Republic had the temple built at Giudecca. The building - designed by Andrea Palladio and finished after the death of the great architect (in 1580) by Antonio da Ponte - constitutes one of the highest peaks for Renaissance architecture and even today, centuries later, it is the annual theater of one of the anniversaries most evocative and spectacular celebrated in the city, that on the night of the Saturday before the third Sunday of July captivates countless visitors from all over the world, dragging anyone into a foaming wave of suggestions, memories and perfumes, illuminated by a colorful pyrotechnic sky .

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