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Empathic. Discovering a Glass Legacy

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Madonna del Monte

Executive skills on the one hand and pure creativity on the other meet at the InGalleria, the Art Gallery of Punta Conterie in Murano, giving life to an alchemical combination capable of stimulating the spheres of research, experimentation, discovery or rediscovery of a heritage of the glass world through a creative approach in the name of empathy. With Empathic. Discovering a Glass Legacy, curator and artist Luca Nichetto presents limited edition installations and pieces created by Ini Archibong, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, GamFratesi, Benjamin Hubert, Richard Hutten, Elena Salmistraro and Marc Thorpe who are confronted with Murano glass in a way free from patterns and serial constraints, tracing a path between archetypal forms, totems, objects capable of establishing a dialogue with the visitor through the codes of emotion, perception and in some cases of memory. Produced by InGalleria Art Gallery, under the direction of Alessandro Vecchiato with the involvement of the best Murano Vetrerie, each specialized in a specific glass working technique, the installations and editions on display photograph the extraordinary artistic potential of the dialogue between master and designer upon entering somehow in the heart of Murano's vocation: production.

  1. Keywords: glass, elena salmistraro, luca nichetto, gamfratesi, marc thorpe, ini archibong, noé duchaufour-lawrance, benjamin hubert, richard hutten, ingalleria / punta conterie art gallery, alessandro vecchiato, ingalleria art gallery