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Diversity of Peace!

A Work by di Miwa Komatsu

With the accession to the throne as the 126th Emperor of Japan of Prince Naruhito, son of Emperor Akihito, a new era began for the Land of the Rising Sun from 1st May 2019, called REIWA (令 和), symbol of the idea that "Peace and Culture flourish in an environment of acceptance of diversity". To this universal concept the Karuizawa Art Museum dedicates DIVERISTY FOR PEACE! inviting 10 young artists from all over the world to exhibit their works, all different in style and artistic path, and celebrate creative freedom together. On display are works by Florentijn Hofman (Netherlands), Ronald Ventura (Philippines), Huang Yuxing (China), Miwa Komatsu (Japan), Yang Yongliang (China), Chris Succo (Germany), Fabio Modica (Italy), Æsa Björk ( Iceland / Norway), Ahhi Choi (Korea / Japan), Ryotaro Muramatsu NAKED (Japan).

  1. Keywords: contemporary art,, nozio business, procuratie vecchie, diversity of peace!, reiwa, karuizawa art museum